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"The Next Generation Of Engineered Surfaces"


Why Choose Eco-Tech-Stone®?

Eco-Tech-Stone® is the latest in green-environment construction material with 0% water absorption, stain resistant, flame resistant, high gloss, color consistency, strength, and 100% radiation free. Eco-Tech-Stone® is manufactured from a blend of natural materials that is 95% quartz and 5% other natural minerals. There are no poly resins used to create this product – making it a truly organic product.


Step 1

After the raw material is melted by high heat, it is cooled and shaped into a slab.

What makes our product special?

Eco-Tech-Stone® is manufactured from a blend of natural materials that is 95% quartz and 5% other natural minerals.

The ingredients are combined and fused together in a supramolecular process and forged into a mold to form either a slab or a tile and heated to temperatures ranging up to 2,550°Fahrenheit for 24 hours. The high temperatures and duration of processing time align the molecules of the stone on a supramolecular level creating an extremely dense finished product which is retained after cooling and hardening.

Eco-Tech-Stone® is a Green Building Material (GBM) certified product. The ingredients are inspected particulates, those containing radiation are removed.  This process allows for a 100% radiation-free countertop. Since it is made using only organic materials, our product is 100% recyclable.    

Eco-Tech-Stone® is different than nearly every product in its class because it is more durable, more versatile and longer lasting. It’s produced by sintering quartz powder and other natural minerals under extreme heat and pressure in a process similar to that which turns carbon into diamonds. The result is an unbelievable tough surfacing material that can be used for countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and many other uses.

Eco-Tech-Stone® is non porous as well as heat resistant. This means it will not absorb water or other liquids, promote the growth of bacteria, nor damage from exposer to heat over 1000° Fahrenheit. This allows for the versatility of uses from food prep to flooring. Eco-Tech-Stone® is UV resistant therefore it will not yellow with age like quartz and can be used for exterior wall cladding. We stand by our claim that Eco-Tech-Stone® is the next generation of engineered surfacing.

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