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Installation of Eco-Tech-Stone® is a simple process. The slab or tiles are most commonly glued to a substrate with a clear resin product, such as TenaxGlaxsBM75, which is engineered specifically for glass and does not discolor from exposure to UV light.


We at Eco-Tech-Stone® are able to transform your ideas into finished products by having all of the fabrication done overseas.  We assist with all of your shop drawings to provide you finished products for installation at your job site. Transporting of finished goods are simple and the finished goods are crated in extremely durable and safe crates.  If you are interested in getting slabs  and doing your own fabrication, we can assist your fabricators in understanding the handling of the material, as it is  more dense and fabrication requires a bit more detail.  Cutting Eco-Tech-Stone® requires the same tools as is very similar to working with Quartz or Granite.

The cutting of Eco-Tech-Stone® is usually accomplished with continuous blade saws, but can also be honed, chiseled or sandblasted. The edges can be ground to a bullnose or chamfered. Remnants are 100% recyclable. Most slabs and tiles are polished by default, but can be given a CNC satin finish. In addition, Eco-Tech-Stone® can be convexly or concavely manufactured for basins and other custom designs.

Available Colors

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Available Edge Options

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